Guest Lecture Session on “Let us Learn English – The Play Way”. in the session 2018-19

Topic:  “Let us Learn English – The Play Way”

Resource Person: Dr. Harpreet Kaur Garcha

 Conducted on: 17-12-2018 

                In the Government Shivnath Science College, a program of “guest lecture” was organized under the guidance of the college’s principal Dr Gandheshwari Singh on behalf of the college family and The Department on 17-12-2018. The resource person – Dr Harpreet Kaur Garcha, Assistant Professor, HOD Department of English, Govt. Kamladevi Rathi Mahila PG Mahavidyalaya, spoke on the topic – Let us Learn English – The Play Way, introducing a play way for the students to learn the English language and memorise words. Dr Garcha also talked about the importance of reading and listening for speaking and writing the English language, madam also made the session very interesting by explaining how English has become our second language and now it is used in day-to-day life explaining the importance of the English language.

                The program started with welcoming the Guests by Madam Smt. Rashmi Agrahari and Dr Phulso Rajesh Patel. After that, the Principal of the college, Dr Gandheshwari Singh, while highlighting the importance of English in today’s perspective, motivated the students to learn the English language and congratulated the department for the success of the program. The program was conducted by the Head of the Department of English, Mrs Risham Agrahari. To make this program successful, Dr Nirmala Umre, Dr Ganveer, Dr Bhagat, Dr Phulso Patel, Sports officer Mr Paresh Verma, Prof. Shailendra, Prof. Swati Tiwari, Prof. Maheshwari and a large number of college students were present. A Vote of Thanks was proposed by Prof. By Swati Tiwari.

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